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Discretion and professional competence in Dresden, Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH

Attacks of an ideological, political or religious nature are unfortunately happening more and more frequently. We live in a time that is frightening more and more people. Direct and indirect threats are the order of the day. Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH in Dresden offers you direct and indirect personal protection in all situations, with or without a chauffeur/safety driver. The personal protectors are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a day for your safety. Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH in Dresden stands for professionalism, competence and discretion.


Hans Florian Fendl

Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH in Dresden

Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH in Dresden is a security company that has made it its mission to offer professional and discreet personal protection, among other things. The team consists of qualified and highly motivated personal protection experts, of course equipment of the highest technical quality is used. Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH in Dresden creates individual security concepts and accompanies you through your everyday life with the aim that you can live your life freely. The personal protection specialists are characterized by motivation, multilingualism and impeccable etiquette. Many years of experience as well as regular further and further training complete the concept. The armed or unarmed personal protection specialists of the Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH in Dresden are trained to act correctly as required. Individually tailored safety concepts guarantee the success of personal protection. At Kid Guarding, you will be offered regular detailed consultations. On request, you can also be taught female personal protectors.


Hans Florian Fendl

Close protection and Bodyguard service in Dresden

Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH mbH offers protection for everyone. Their protection is the concern of Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH. There are many types of threats, in a detailed conversation Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH informs itself in a conversation about your problem, detects it and creates a personal, situational concept to protect you discreetly. Trust Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH.

Die Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH in Dresden erstellt ein persönliches, situationsbedingtes Konzept, um Sie diskret zu schützen


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