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The owner stands for high quality with his name!

Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH is an owner-managed company that sets the highest quality standards for itself and its own staff in order to guarantee our customers what we offer. Continuous quality control is therefore an integral part of our workflow.
The company is headquartered by Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH near the Bavarian capital Munich. This applies to all divisions.

Logo der Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH


lat. „Sicherheit“ Für uns nicht nur ein Wort sondern ein Auftrag


Vigilia pretium libertatis

lat. „Wachsamkeit ist der Preis der Freiheit“ *Thomas Jefferson
These words of the third President of the United States of America have become the company motto, as we see it as our task to take away from you, as our business partners, the compulsion of vigilance to give you the light-hearted feeling of freedom (independence; unbound).

What distinguishes ” Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH ” from other security and service companies?

“Time is changing, those who don’t go along are falling by the wayside”


The constant forward development is reflected in the innovative concepts and constantly evolving implementation methods. It goes without saying that our employees therefore undergo continuous training and training in order to be able to offer the highest possible level of quality for you.

In the course of our quality promise, it goes without saying that only suitable personnel are used for the respective protection, service or training order for this order.


Pignus Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH

Hans Florian Fendl
Sudetenlandstraße 82
85221 Dachau

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You can reach us 24 / 7. Don t stand in awe to contact us beyond common business hours.

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