Pignus Group

For high quality the owner stands with his name!

The Pignus Group is an owner-managed company that places the highest quality demands on itself and on its own staff in order to guarantee to our customers what we offer. Constant quality controls are thus an integral part of our work process.

The headquarters of the Pignus Group are close to the Bavarian capital Munich. This applies to all divisions:

  • Security
  • Service
  • Tactical Education

We mainly operate in germany but we are able to do our service wolrdwide.

Pignus                                           lat.           „Security“ For us not just a word but an assignment

Vigilia pretium libertatis         lat.           „Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty“ *Thomas Jefferson

These words of the third President of the United States of America have become the company's motto, as we see it as our duty to relieve you as our business partners of the compulsion of vigilance to let you enjoy the carefree feeling of liberty (independence).

What sets the Pignus Group apart from other security and service companies?

„Time is changing, who does not keep up stays behind“

The constant forward development is reflected in the innovative concepts and constantly evolving implementation methods. no need to say that our employees undergo continuous training in order to be able to offer you the highest possible level of quality.

Our promise of quality goes without saying that only suitable personnel are used for the respective protection, service or training order.